Glossy Designer Concrete Tiles

As the name suggests these are bright shaded tiles which can be used in corridors, verandas or open spaces to make any place brighter and captivating. Not only are they durable under extreme weather conditions but also remain dust free for longer. And you can choose from an high end range of designs and textures.


  • HC 316HC 316
  • HC 317HC 317
  • HC 318HC 318
  • HC 319HC 319
  • HC 320HC 320
  • HC 321HC 321


  • HC 408HC 408
  • HC 409HC 409 Stone Finish
  • HC 410HC 410 Stone Finish
  • HC 411HC 411 stone Finish
  • HC 412HC 412 stone Finish
  • Wood FinishWood Finish


  • HC 450HC 450 Stone Finish


Exteriors and open spaces like Foot - paths, Side - ways, Parking, Open areas, Promenades, Swimming pool decks, Foyers, Building compounds, Drive-ways, Porticoes, Car ramps, Corridors & Verandas etc.