Product limitations and limited liability of vendors

The vendors hereby express product limitations and restrictions in their liability as under :

For all Materials

  • Proper preparation of a compacted Sub-grade (soil) and base, and proper fixing procedure for laving of tiles and pavers is essential. All warranties/guarantees etc. Whether expressed or implied, as to the performance quality of the tiles or paver blocks become void in case of the settlement of the sub-grade/base/sub-base or on the failure of the procedure by which the materials have been fixed.
  • It is understood that all sales are made in accordance with the seller's samples and specifications which the purchaser has seen and approved.
  • Variations- Owing to natural variations in raw materials, all concrete materials units cannot be exactly the same, and, some variations in colour, shade, texture and chips may occur. No guarantee of exact colour shade, texture or finish is made or implied.
  • Samples V/s materials: Some variation between sample displayed/shown/seen and actual material manufactured and supplied is also possible due to the above reasons. Customer are requested and advised to view some sites (where the product intended to be used/similar product can be seen in application) to evaluate expected performance of the product, before purchase, and avoid gap between expectations and performance of materials intended to be bought.
  • Efflorescence: the whitish patching (CaCO3) appearing on concrete is considered as a natural phenomenon. Efflorescence affects, in more or less magnitude, all types of concrete. Efflorescence on material is not to be treated as a material defect. Efflorescence generally dissipates over a period of time. Treated or finished materials generally do not exhibit efflorescence. However uncoated material stacked unused at site and exposed to moisture, is likely to exhibit efflorescence.
  • Complaints if any are generally best solved before material is fixed / used. Hence customers are requested to inspect the material satisfactorily on arrival and before use.
  • The vendors cannot be held responsible for any stains, patches, coloring, scratches, chemical reactions etc. that may occur on the material either as a result of any work done on site, or owing to any lack in care taken to preserve the material in a good clean state.
  • ln any case of any dispute between the vendor and the buyer regarding the quality of the material, the vendors restrict their liability by this clause, to only the replacement of the particular pieces of tiles, pavers etc. in question and in no case will their liability be made to include any other incidental costs like costs incurred for the transportation, removal, re-fixing, polishing, cost of material, damages etc.


ln case of disputes related to the specifications/ tolerances of the material, unless expressly agreed, the relevant lS code is to be applied wherever applicable.

For all Materials

  • All samples of tiles in whatsoever manner shown, displayed, published or otherwise inducing the sale, have been polished and buffed to look the best and are for indication only. For these reasons, the finally finished floor may not look exactly like the sample.
  • lf tiles are stored for a long duration exceeding 10 to 15 days, slight hair cracks may appear on the tiles, esp. in very dry conditions. These hair cracks are generally not prominent after the final polishing is completed. Even the l.S. code for Cement Concrete Tiles makes allowance for the same and these are not to be considered as a quality defect.
  • While fixing or polishing the tiles, in the unlikely event that the tiles do not seem to get the desired result, the customers are requested to immediately stop the polishing work and consult the sellers.

Dimensional Tolerances :

Specifications UOM Tiles* Pavers** Wet cast***
Width mm (+/-) 1 (+/-) 2 (+/-) 3
Length mm (+/-) 1 (+/-) 2 (+/-) 3
Thickness mm (+/-) 2 (+/-) 5 (+/-) 5
Thickness for 1st layer mm (min) 6 (min) 6 (min) 6
Squareness mm (+/-) 2 (+/-) 2 (+/-) 3
Straightness mm (+/-) 1.5 (+/-) 1.5 (+/-) 2
Recommended values and method of measurement as per relevant BIS standard of draft as applicable 
Tiles* - Products in thickness less than 45 mm and in square or rectangle shape
Pavers** - Products in thickness above 45 mm
Wet cast*** – Products made by casting in moilds (without pressing), supplied with or without lacquer coating